Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Role of social media in Human Resource Management

Human resource management will play keyrole in development of organization; the inception of an employee will place at recruitment department.

It’s always hectic to post jobs on career sites and current openings page. Job seekers will notice if they are on your site or if they have gone through your career page, which leads to less number of attendees and more time to search for right candidate. It doesn’t matter whether you are a recruiter from organization or consulting company, always need to wait for more candidates to appear so that you can select best talent. 

So, here come the questions
  •          How are you posting jobs? With ATS?
  •          Are you getting adequate number of attendees?
  •          Found talent, you are looking for with job you posted on career page or job portal?

If your answer is no, where are you lacking then? What drags you back?

Facebook has over 1.5 Billion users among those 79% of users using mobile phones to access Facebook.

Here are some other stats of Facebook:
  • 52% of job seekers use Facebook to look for work.
  • 84% of job seekers have Facebook profiles.
  • 81% of job seekers want to see job opportunities on Facebook career page. 

Twitter stands as second powerful social networking site. Next to Facebook, Twitter has 1.3B users from all over.

Here are some Twitter stats:
  • Twitter has Monthly Active Users 288M.
  • 80% twitter active users are from Mobile.
  • 500M tweets are sent per day.

Twitter can be most successful in terms of hashtag because if you post any job on Twitter with hashtag and jobseekers is using same hashtag in his search then your job is done in searching the candidates.

LinkedIn is an obvious choice for most recruiters and for good reason. LinkedIn is professional social network with genuine followers and employees of an organization. Most companies use LinkedIn as their job portal for recruitment.

Here are the stats which amaze you:
  • LinkedIn has 350Million users
  • 120Million people will access LinkedIn daily
  • Over 25 Million LinkedIn profiles were viewed every day.
  • LinkedIn has 42 Million unique visitors per month.
  • 13% of LinkedIn user doesn’t have Facebook profile.
  • 59% of LinkedIn doesn’t visit their Twitter profile.

These are the stats of social networking sites and their influence on recruiting. If you are posting jobs on social sites then you’re making space to rank yourself, as shown in stats every social network has its own mark. 

Facebook is having most of users, Twitter has scope to find the exact job post and LinkedIn is most used by professionals and jobseekers.

Most of the organizations are active on social networks and post content social pages with blog posts, images and videos.

Are you using social networks as your job portals? No! Why?

You may face following hurdles in using social networks as job portals.

  • Need a specific person to post jobs on Social profiles.
  • Difficult to get the details of the candidates who are interested or applied through social profiles.
  • Have to login each and every social network to post jobs.

What if you are using Applicant Tracking System which will help you to post jobs on different social platforms from its dashboard? Using ATS you can post job from dashboard and you can create career page on your site with any technical knowledge.

If you want to discuss with us, reach us at support@99ats.com

Monday, 9 November 2015

Now post your jobs and parse your resumes from job portals

Great News J

Mitigating employees work with creative techniques is always difficult task for employers. When it comes to hiring we help you to increase your recruiting team productivity which leads to increase your organization productivity.

Still logging into different job portals to post job? With 99ATS you can post jobs on job portals like jobomas and headhonchos from dashboard.

And also if you are facing issues to parse your resumes from job portals, we have solution for parsing.

From 99ATS parse resumes from job portals like Naukri, Monster, Timesjob and now Dice

We are still working with other portals and job boards to integrate with 99ATS, soon we are going to release news with multiple job portals.

Happy to help. Write us at support@99ats.com

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Applicant Tracking System – Return on Investment

Human resource is the department which plays a vital role in ROI the company or firm, confused??
Recruiters are the people who will select the candidates for departments and all aspects when these people are putting their effort in their work definitely the flow of the organization will be towards profit or success (whatever) :P

When you are going to provide some help in their recruiting system that will be Ice on cake which will increase revenue of the organization.

Applicant tracking system will help the recruiters in posting the job, extracting and filtering the candidates. When you are scheduling interview for job posting, time has to spend in terms of interview date, time and status of the candidate. You can do all updates like offer made, accepted and rejected.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System:

1.       Less number of costs per hire which reduces the investment.
When you are scheduling interviews with less number of candidates with expertise as per your requirement, the investment spend will be less compare to manually arranging interviews. 

2.       Time spend to recruit the candidate will be less.
Without Applicant Tracking System if you are hiring, you are wasting so much of your time. All you are doing is arranging interview, collecting resumes and finalizing the candidate. Which is long process and time spent is more compare to using ATS. In a word “you can finish your hiring in less matter of time”

3.       Candidates will have best match for their role.
Going through each and every resume then looking for candidates will skills will take ages to select candidates to next round. By using Applicant Tracking System and its filtering option you can select candidate with adequate skills and relevant experience.

4.       No paper work, files will be stored in cloud.
We are in a generation where technology is leading entire human environment. If you still having hard copies for openings then you’re bit procrastinated, now is the time to change yourself and get benefited from technology.

5.       Export candidates from job portals.
No more wandering through job portals to get candidates’ details, with help of Applicant Tracking System you have to login in ATS and through which you can extract candidates from multiple job portals.

6.       Post your job openings directly on social networks.

Similar cases will occur when are posting your jobs on job portals, forget to login all portals and posting. Simply through ATS you post your openings on multiple job portals and candidates who applied can reach you your career page. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Things to consider while selecting ATS

Everyone knows how difficult is recruiting process, Hiring managers and Recruiters are people who struggle more in this process. These people will start with gathering resumes from portals and selecting suitable candidates and go through resumes to filter out duplicates. When candidates are selected recruiters will arrange interviews and proceed further to finalize candidate status. To overcome these obstacles, one needs an Applicant Tracking System in recruiting. 

Following are the things to consider while selecting an ATS

Career Page:

You have an opening in your firm and you want to post in careers page. ATS should provide career page where you can post jobs with relevant description and other requirements like experience and salary.

Extraction from job portals:

                When you post jobs on career page the chance of getting candidates’ profiles is less compared to resumes available on job portals. As a recruitment department you will have logins for major job portals, an Applicant Tracking System should let you to extract resumes from job portals.

Advanced Filtering:

                Most of recruitment process will delay when team gets more resumes to fill up position and filtering profiles manually will take more time and efforts. Where your ATS should provide the filtering like job applied for and job posted by also you should be able to create customized report to send resumes to client.

Outlook Integration:

                When organizations leave their email to get candidates resumes from website or job portals, will reach the recruiters outlook. Your ATS should provide integration with outlook so that recruiters can select the candidates from outlook with single click.


                Reporting will be major whether it may be internal or with candidates’ interview process. When your candidate reporting mostly called it as status is done with Applicant Tracking System your productivity will be more and time consumption will be less. Also your ATS should provide role-based reports and updates.

Market is full of ATS providers but your recruiting will be simple and easy when you select right ATS.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Performance improvements/Enhancements

Enhanced Candidate Module

Under Candidate details, you can now find/fill as many details of the candidate

Multiple submissions to manager(client module)

Under Jobs> Job Details> potential, you can now submit multiple candidates to manager with single click as shown in the fig:

Enhanced Partner Permissions

Under Administration > User settings > User Manage Roles, You can now manage permissions for users to Create/Edit/Delete Partners in ATS.

Friday, 15 March 2013

1- What’s New in this Release

1.1– Introducing Candidate images

Wondering how this feature helps you? Here we go…
Under Candidates > Now you can upload candidate photograph from the direct link available,
The following screenshots would help you in uploading the image to the candidate
Fig:1(a)-to select and upload an image
-Displays photograph of the candidate (if exists) as a thumbnail in candidates list

1.2– Employee Referral Portal

You can now inform all your employees to source resumes for the open jobs in your organization and give them the platform to keep track of the candidates they have referred. Procedure to refer a buddy!
Step 1: Employee can now sign-in/ sign-up to the referral portal
Step 2: Under open jobs > Refer a candidate, enter the candidate details and submit it as shown in the Fig: 1.2(a)
    Fig: 1.2(a)
Step 3: Candidate will receive an email with a link to upload resume, apply to the referred job
and also can check the status of his/her own application

Features of Employee Referral Portal-

- Search open jobs
- Refer candidates for selected jobs
- Check for Application/Referral Status
P S: IJP’s (Internal Job Postings) are also available now, where employees themselves can apply for the available openings!!

2- Performance improvements/Enhancements

2.1– Enhanced Search Mechanism

Under Search, you can now run search on entire resume starting from Name to any other words mentioned in the resumes with accurate results instantly.

2.2– Provision to add Internal Job Id during Job Postings

Under Jobs > Post New Job > Provide additional details, you can now add Internal Job Id.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Applicant Tracking System

What is an Application Tracking System (ATS)? You may have heard the ATS called many different things such as a “Recruitment Database System”, “e-recruitment System”, "Jobmatch” or "Talent Management System" etc.

“An application tracking system (ATS) also called a candidate management system (CMS), is a software application designed to help an enterprise recruit employees more efficiently. An ATS can be used to post job openings on a corporate website or job board, screen resumes and generate interview requests to potential candidates by email. Other features may include individual applicant tracking, requisition tracking, automated resume ranking, customized input forms, pre-screening questions and response tracking, and multilingual capabilities.”
Recruitment Work Flow

What are some benefits of using ATS’s

  • Speed up the recruitment cycle
  • Cost benefits
  • Quality improvements
  • Candidate Management
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Automation of administration heavy tasks
  • Integration with other productivity software