Friday, 15 March 2013

1- What’s New in this Release

1.1– Introducing Candidate images

Wondering how this feature helps you? Here we go…
Under Candidates > Now you can upload candidate photograph from the direct link available,
The following screenshots would help you in uploading the image to the candidate
Fig:1(a)-to select and upload an image
-Displays photograph of the candidate (if exists) as a thumbnail in candidates list

1.2– Employee Referral Portal

You can now inform all your employees to source resumes for the open jobs in your organization and give them the platform to keep track of the candidates they have referred. Procedure to refer a buddy!
Step 1: Employee can now sign-in/ sign-up to the referral portal 
Step 2: Under open jobs > Refer a candidate, enter the candidate details and submit it as shown in the Fig: 1.2(a)
    Fig: 1.2(a)
Step 3: Candidate will receive an email with a link to upload resume, apply to the referred job
and also can check the status of his/her own application

Features of Employee Referral Portal-

- Search open jobs
- Refer candidates for selected jobs
- Check for Application/Referral Status
P S: IJP’s (Internal Job Postings) are also available now, where employees themselves can apply for the available openings!!

2- Performance improvements/Enhancements

2.1– Enhanced Search Mechanism

Under Search, you can now run search on entire resume starting from Name to any other words mentioned in the resumes with accurate results instantly.

2.2– Provision to add Internal Job Id during Job Postings

Under Jobs > Post New Job > Provide additional details, you can now add Internal Job Id.

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