Thursday, 20 December 2012

8 Important Tips in Recruitment :

Do you think you put all your efforts in sourcing the right fit but could not able to get your hands on hiring and on boarding? Do you struggle yourself multitasking like sourcing, screening, emailing, short listing, telephoning, interviewing, negotiating all at once? Couldn’t you figure out what is holding you back from going the extra mile? Do you wish to improve your Hiring effectiveness? Here are 8 awesome tips that help you get best at your recruitment productivity.


Tip 1: Be Clear About End Results – Asking questions gets you clear about your wants and end results. Whether you work for a corporate or consulting firm, asking these questions yourself and answering them will increase your recruitment productivity to multifolds.

·                     How many positions you got to close?
·                     What is the target date for each position?
·                     Do you already hold a job description or should you have to write one?
·                     Are you clear about the job profile of each vacant position?
·                     What should be the sourcing strategy for each position?
·                     Are you going to hire through consultants, internal references, job boards
·                     What are the screening and short listing criteria for each position?
·                     What is the interview process? How many rounds of interviews will be conducted?
·                     Who will be responsible for conducting each round of interview?
·                     How are you going to engage your potential candidates throughout Interview process?
·                     Who will be negotiating the salary, employment terms and DOJ?  
·                     What is your Induction (On-boarding) plan?

Tip 2:  Get Started – ‘’A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’’ Should I say more? When you have your functional graph ready, just get started without second thoughts. Taking the first step is the most hard but crucial thing in successfully accomplishing even difficult recruiting projects.

Tip 3:  Prioritize your task – You have to be sure that you are not just active but productive. Getting great at recruitment comes with understanding and identifying the most important 20% tasks. Always go ahead completing 20% hard tasks first which will make the other 80% of your job easy. Hard working will yield results for sure but it takes time, you have to be a smart worker to achieve desired results within shorter time span. Task prioritization is an art; do develop it to become a productive recruiter.

Tip 4:  Write To-Do List For The Day – When it comes to note keeping, I love diaries and organizers. During start of the day, write your entire day’s work plan in a diary, organizer, sticky notes, excel sheet, g mail task manager, or any other online to do list keeper which you feel comfortable. Make sure to write attainable to-do list, stick to your to-do list and commit yourself to complete all the written actions within end of the day. Remember this saying: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. So plan your day well in advance to become great at recruitment productivity.

Tip 5:  Multi-tasking Trap – Actually there is no such thing as Multi tasking. Research confirms that our intrinsic human minds could not do more than 2 functions at the same time. People are hardly good at multitasking but they will be good at switching tasks because multi tasking does not exist for humans. Avoid overloading yourself. Do only one task at a time and do it in the best possible way.

Tip 6: Set Target Time & Date – when you work without target date and time, you tend to drag/postpone that task unless you are committed and self motivated. Whenever you start working on a recruiting project, set target date to complete that particular assignment because goals pressurizes you, helps you stay connected to the job in hand, inspires you to complete it with desired results. Have a working plan for the entire hiring project, allocate fixed time frame for each and every recruitment activity depending on the magnitude of the project. If you wish to increase your recruitment productivity, set yourself realistic target and drive towards it.

Tip 7: Pat your back & Gift Yourself – Have you accomplished the task? Have you achieved an extra mile? Have you received “Effective Recruiter” award at workplace? Great, it’s time to party! It doesn’t require such great achievements to pat your back and gift yourself. It might be a simple job you might have done in a unique way or you might have received appreciation from your immediate boss or a potential candidate, pat you back for each and every simple triumph of yours. Cherish that moment and cheerfully gift yourself because gradually it improves your productivity and pushes you to do great things.

Tip 8: Practice & Stay Focused – What is the point in reading oodles of productivity improvement techniques and forgetting them next moment? We live in the age of information overload. We see results when we put something in to regular practice. If you wholeheartedly wish to improve your recruitment productivity follow these tips, keep practicing, stay focused and motivated to increase your recruitment productivity to multi folds.

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